A new community

The delivery of walkable and sustainable neighbourhoods – which at their heart each have the core amenities a community need – is in the DNA of Alconbury Weald.

he proposals for a new community at Grange Farm have grown around a central core which has as its focus the original Grange Farm farmhouse, along with new facilities. These draw on the historic propeller of woodland at the heart of Grange Farm, which is currently in quite poor condition. We think this can be enhanced to provide setting and meaning to the heart of a new community in a historic place.

At Urban&Civic’s Houlton development near Rugby (below), a new complex has been created around the existing Dolman’s Farmhouse, which includes a visitor centre, community rooms and The Tuning Fork café. The family-run eatery has welcomed over 100 visitors a day since 2017. The visitors can take part in events and 9 activities in the neighbouring community space, including fitness, parent and toddler activities and other community events.

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