Connected and sustainable

Connected places are sustainable places, and while building homes on the fields of Grange Farm will be controversial, we feel it enables homes to be better connected to key transport routes away from the local villages.

Main bus route through the centre of the residential area, with 70% of homes within 400m of a bus stop.

Extensive on and off road cycle and pedestrian network, including routes for equestrians. All alongside maintenance of the existing Rights of Way.

The local street network reflects a village feel, with shared surface areas to ensure people can move around safely.

Crucially, new homes will be part of a rural setting, but connect to the main facilities of Alconbury Weald through the central public transport and main road spines. The community will also be able to head down into Huntingdon to access other facilities and amenities.

Employment opportunties.

Access to primary and secondary schools.

Neighbourhood road, to connect to main strategic road, rail and bus connections.

Walking and cycling routes to key facilities and amenities.

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