Connections: past, present, future

We appreciate that traffic is a key concern but feel that development is an opportunity to put in place investment in public transport, cycle and walking infrastructure across the local area, alongside improving the local road network. We are doing this at the same time as the roll-out of homes, business space and facilities.

The development of Alconbury Weald will see over £40m invested in transport infrastructure, across the local area, including a series of public transport investments and incentives to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

This sits alongside considerable public investment in major strategic schemes in the area, including the A14 and the potential for the Cambridge Autonomous Metro to provide a speedy link to Huntingdon and Cambridge.

Current and planned investment in strategic transport infrastructure locally.

The Southern Gateway to Alconbury Weald - planning applications submitted to bring forward road, cycle and bus access directly to the A141.

Alconbury Weald also has a travel plan which promotes public transport, cycling and car sharing to new residents and businesses, and monitors the ‘trip’ rates and travel choices on an annual basis.

Urban&Civic work with partners and Travel4Cambridgeshire to keep trips down to stay below the targets set out in our planning consent.

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