Working with its neighbours

The proposals for Grange Farm have been developed in line with the principles and pledges agreed with communities and partners around Alconbury Weald as part of the original plans.

We have been working with the Stukeleys Parish Council over a series of workshops to flex the designs to provide key assurance on priority views and impacts, including:

  • preserving the setting of Prestley Wood
  • pushing back the line of the development to the east, to increase the size of the Country Park
  • ensure homes at the closest points within the Stukeleys are more than 300m, nearly 1,000 feet, away from any new homes and and most are over 500m
  • understanding the views and visual impact, to ensure that the identity and sense of each community is respected and protected.

Any increase in homes, will require an appropriate increase in facilities and amenities to support the additional population, including:

  • Increasing the size of the secondary school
  • Increasing the size and scope of the health centre to reflect increased population
  • Adding another primary school and placing it at the heart of the new homes
  • Increasing the amount and types of shops and services
  • Additional community space, sports facilities and play areas across the Alconbury Weald development, with appropriate amounts within Grange Farm.

In return, these plans are designed to ensure Grange Farm brings additional benefits to the local villages: providing facilities that can be used by visitors to the Country Park, with a community centre, parking and central hub, which will enable residents from across the local area to enjoy the Park and walks through Grange Farm: as they have for many decades.

These events are to test the plans we have been working on: to see if they reflect and respond to earlier feedback. Critically we are seeking to get the balance right between providing the additional homes needed, while ensuring the quality of place and quality of life in both the existing villages and new communities are maintained and – ideally – enhanced. Please share your thoughts with the team.

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